Two Unrelated Items: A Poncho and a Squash

I still can't believe how amazing and long this fall is being here in southern Saskatchewan, but here it is still being warm enough for me to wear my new Bodybag by Jude poncho, which I picked up at Seed Sustainable Style.

Bodybag poncho

I researched sizes and photos of this poncho, and it was both sized and displayed to be worn larger — according to the size chart, I should be wearing a large — but I bought it in a medium, because I like the more tailored effect of having it fit closer above the waist.

I wore said poncho to our friends Gina and Curtis' house where we ate tons of delicious food until we couldn't move, and then we talked entertaining shit with each other, which is one of my favourite pastimes.


They gifted us with a giant squash. I have secretly named it Delilah, which is a name that needs a resurgence. Delilah is looking forward to becoming an integral part of a roasted vegetable medley this week.

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