1. Peter Callesen creates the most intricate paper cut-out sculptures. His work makes me wonder what I could do with the proper tools, several concentrated hours, skill, and a crazy imagination that worked in three dimensions.

2. I found the following video via Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By. I'm not sure if it's the colour quality of the video that is literally colouring my experience of it with a sense of nostalgia mixed with tearful good feeling, but I watched it twice in a row the first time I came upon it. Apparently, some of the dancers were booked for the shoot, but some of them were passersby who asked to become involved. It's an excellent display of somewhat spontaneous public art / group collaberation / social networking. Viva elders!

3. Do any of you photographer types know much about Shutterstock? Is it advisable to join such a thing? If I join, will I spend the rest of my life regretting the stupidest thing I did for my photography ever?

4. Okay, okay, I know that this is another link to a video, but it's a gooder. It makes me want to, uhm, I don't know, do stuff. I found this video on "Where The Hell Is Matt?" via Maggie Mason at Mighty Girl.

5. Read "Resisting Self Defense" by Finnegan at Finnegan's Wake-Up Call. I found him through Liz at Granny Gets A Vibrator. I must admit that I have not read his weblog in depth, but he caught my attention with a statement that I wish would rise to the level of cultural obviousness already:

Men deciding to give women equal opportunities, equal pay, equal rights, (not to say that this has happened) is not equality. Likewise, men deciding that women should not be raped is not equality.

It is refreshing to read the words of a person who is willing to question and reflect on his position in a culture in which women are pushed into an underclass.

6. I am crushing on the music of Mickey Avalon, whom I found via Margaret Cho.

7. And last but not least, I give you the Armor of God PJs, which I found over at Bitch Ph.D.. The Truth exists in your nether regions, children.

8. Okay this one is actually the last, I promise. I learned this awfully annoying bit of code from my friend, Kruhft, (who also sells his music at lulu.com). If I put text in between this tag @blink@ and this tag @/blink@, if you replace the @s with either a < or an >, I can totally annoy everyone who looks at it.

It's so old-school. Can you handle the awesomeness that is this blinking text? Do you have the strength to stand up and say I saw the blinking text, and it was awesome?

Did you think I was beyond this? I'm sorry if I mislead you.

Places I've been recently: Mirandala, Dandelife, and Very Zen.

"Here It Goes Again" - OK Go