I don't recall submitting schmutzie.blogspot.com to a review site recently, but someone must have done it, because I've been reviewed. According to I Talk 2 Much, I have "[stultifyingly] boring posts with rare glimpses of humor or interest." Well, poo. I was sort of shooting for incredibly or painfully, but if my writing is stultifying, so be it. Their tagline is "we're rude - deal with it", so if I was actually the one to submit myself to their tongue-lashing, which I don't think I was, I must have been in a masochistic mood.

I am bouyed up, though, by Sweetney, who kindly nominated me for a 2006 Canadian Blog Award in the Best Personal Blog category. Her timing is impeccable. Since Sweetney obviously has such high-brow taste, you should go check out Debaucherous and Dishevelled, whom she also nominated for an award.

In a tasteless bid for self-promotion, I urge you to take a look at the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards site. Nominations are open until Sunday, October 12th.


Although, if you are in agreement with that sour review and are presently working the front half of your stapler through your eye socket to gain better stapling access to your frontal lobe because of the gross levels of boredom this post is forcing upon you, I have something for even you. No doubt with great pleasure, you can take in the following self-portrait of me looking pretty damn ugly.

me, uglified

See? There's something for everyone!

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