9 Things I Find to Be True

9 Things I Find to Be True


There will never be enough time for anything you love. There will never be enough time to love in all the myriad ways that are possible, to get all your work done, to live all the lives you can dream for yourself. Time runs on fast feet.


There will always be too much time for the hard things. There will be too much time when your broken heart leaves you staring into the night unable to sleep, when you are working 12-hour days to reach a goal, when you grieve the absence or loss of love.


You will likely always be thirsty in some way or another. We are born into bodies bound by unending need, and it bleeds into everything. We want more when we are not wanting less.


Sleep is mystifying and delicious and sometimes elusive, and we need it more than either sex or love to stay alive. Get it when you can, and nurture it like a child.


Love and good sex both feel like rich promises. They are not rich promises, but even when they're lies, we will follow them anywhere as though they are.


Giving up can be a beautiful experience. Many gurus of positivity will make it sound as though winners never quit and quitters never win. They will wax on about the the power of stick-to-it-iveness and singularity of focus. Contrary to this opinion, though, giving up is often born of mindfulness, compassion, and the strength to make difficult decisions. 


Some people will tell you that what you care about is not important. What they really mean is that it is not important to them. This tells you more about their level of compassion and true interest in who you are than it does about the value of the thing you love. 


You will die. Your brain does not grasp the true meaning of this, and you will spend at least part of your life agonizing about this fact. One day, though, if you are very lucky, it will make you feel blessed for your time here. 


There is more love in the world than ambivalence or hate. Remember this. Stitch it to the inside of all your shirts. Hug somebody and repeat this to them, even if you don't believe it in the moment. There is more love in the world than ambivalence or hate. Think of each kind thing you did for others today — smiled at pharmacist, did your partner's laundry, called a friend on the phone — and think of the kind things you did for yourself — used the scented soap you love, walked along the water, wore your favourite scarf — and the love in life will start to show. Love is often quieter than hate, but it is sewn into a thousand moments every day.

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