Before I start begging, I want to thank each and every one of you who voted for me in the first round of the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards. These sorts of thank-yous on the internet always come of as disingenuous, so you'll just have to stop being cynical and believe me, because I really do mean it. Thank you.

And now for the begging: the second round of voting for the Canadian Blog Awards started today, which means that YOU SHOULD GO VOTE FOR ME RIGHT NOW. Don't worry, I'll wait.

If you just voted for me, then don't forget to vote for me every single day until December 1st, which is six more times, because all of your votes in the first round don't carry over into the second. By this, I will know you like me seven times as much as those who only voted once.

This is disgusting self-promotion, I know, but I am up against some pretty heavy hitters. Debaucherous + Dishevelled is no slouch as an identity blogger, oRadio covers the music end of things, and Smart Canucks pimps shopping/deals/freebies. The one to watch out for is Raymi. Actually, no, she's not the one to watch out for, because I think she's going to win this category hands down. I mean, she's got boobs and naughty drawings and stuff, and all I've got is a picture of the top of my head.

I am not begrudging her naked self, I'll have you know. There have been some uptight snooty snoots slamming Raymi lately for her half-naked pictures and overt promotion of her website, and it's ridiculous. She's not even lewd about it. Even if she is doing it for votes, it can't be held against her, because she's been getting half-naked on her website since forever, and she has never tried to hide the fact that she wants to be famous. This is nothing new. Raymi doing what she's always done ≠ Raymi being trashy. It just seems so childish and churchy to wag fingers like you've never seen a set of boobies before, unless you believe that ladies should hide their sweater meats away from the lusty male gaze, in which case, shut up.

But if you're here, remember to vote for me. ME. If you don't, I'll love you less. Oh, who am I kidding. I'm a pushover. I'll probably still like you anyway.

10 Reasons You Should Vote For Milkmoney Or Not, Here I Come

  1. I want you to.
  2. You want to give me something intangible yet satisfying.
  3. I'm so awesome that I stopped in the middle of begging for votes to go on about my biggest competitor.
  4. I take the nice photographs for you.
  5. I collect the good links.
  6. I am not the worst writer you've ever read in the world of identity blogging. Admit it.
  7. I will struggle my way through a list of ten reasons that you should vote for me, even though it causes me to suffer all kinds of anxiety and personal embarrassment, like that time in grade two when the teacher made me stand at the front of the class so she could make a scene about how absolutely brilliant my art project was, and I knew that my fly was gaping wide open but was too freaked out to reach down and pull up the zipper.
  8. I can sing decently well and write poetry that doesn't make you gag and move my second toes individually from my other toes and sit in the bath long enough to read an entire novel.
  9. I have been at this blogging thing for three years and three months. My stick-to-it-ive-ness should count for something, right? No? Well, then remember that I still have the flu and need to be pampered. With votes.
  10. You like me. You love me. You've been stalking me from across the continent for months.

Make baby Jesus happy. Go vote for me repeatedly and with gusto.

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