I chose four of my photographs to show you today based on one rule: each picture's subject had to be essentially quite different from the others. I came up with a mammal, a plant, inanimate objects on a shelf, and architecture.

The Mammal:
The mammal is, quite naturally, my kitty, Oskar. I like this photograph for a couple of reasons. Number one: Oskar looks like he contains great scads of evil that is focusing on you through his fearsome gaze. He often looks like this, because his pupils usually eat up his irises, leaving eerie depths of reflected red or green light glowing at you from his perch across the room. Number two: I like the way our living room looks in the background. Technically this is a terrible picture, since I neglected to bother focusing on the subject, but our living room looks very 1950s or 1960s, which is accidental but satisfying to my tastes. Notice the small shelf of books in the distance and the end table filled with books to the right. Normally, any shot of our living room would reveal piles of books on the floor, coffee table, and chair arms. We must have tidied up that day. Oh, and I cut off the tops of the chair arms.

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The Plant:
The next photograph is of a plant that the fellow behind this and his girlfriend brought over for our housewarming party. I have never had much luck with blooming plants, but this thing continues to produce flowers without pause. When they brought it over, it was covered in white flowers, but now it is growing two distinctly different shades of pink flowers. Also, it's hardy as hell. I keep forgetting to water it, the cat has knocked it down onto the floor twice, and it was filled with gooey mold from being in its plastic sheath in the store too long when I got it. Everyone should have one of these (minus the intial gooey mold). Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?

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Inanimate Objects On A Shelf:
Next, groceries, because I like the packaging. I wish that I had thought to turn the flash off for this one, though. I was nervous when I took this photo, because in shopping malls they will take your camera away if they catch you taking pictures, and recently, I had my pen taken away in a prominent art gallery when I was caught writing in my notebook. This brings me to my second question of the day: does anyone know if it's okay or not to take photographs inside a grocery store, or is some stock boy going to unhand me of my film for fear that I will spread the secrets of their awesome grocery organization?

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Lastly, I bring you an ominous-looking set of doors. The name of the hall they are attached to is "Darke", fittingly. I was under the impression that I had colour film in the camera throughout the entire roll, so I took this picture to catch the contrast of the black doors and grey stone building against the blue stained glass. Too bad, so sad.

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Now, go forth and walk lightly on this fine Thursday, because Thursday's child has far to go.

I updated the anthology of poetry that has been featured here with September's offerings.

My love, you are timely come, let me lie by your heart.
For waking in the dark this morning, I woke to that mystery,
Which we can all wake to, at some dark time or another:
Waking to find the room not as I thought it was,
But the window further away, and the door in another direction.
- excerpt from "The Door and the Window" by Henry Reed

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