If you are looking at this website and wondering if something has changed with the layout of the page, it has, and I couldn't be happier. I don't like being told what to do or being forced into a position I have no choice in, so when I found out that the tiniest chunk of code would get rid of the automatic Blogger navigation bar at the top of my website, I was a happy, happy person. If you, too, want to leave behind the overarching design tyranny of the navigation bar, go to Blogger Templates. They've got the code to cure your ill.

I received the following e-mail this morning, and I am looking for your advice, dear Internets. Some guy from Turkey requested the use of this photograph, which I have posted on my Flickr account:

coffee drying in Costa Rica

Dear Sisty,
Kindly note that I am writing to you from Istanbul, Turkey.

I am a coffee fan and I am working on a website about
coffee which will be in Turkish.
I have come across with your photos at flickr.com. If you
give me permission I would like to use your below mentined [sic]
photo in my website by mentioning about your name, and if
you like about your details like your web, contact, etc.
I will very much appreciate in hearing from you at your
earliest convenience.
My direct e-mail is... [removed for reasons of privacy]
Best Regards,
[name removed for reasons of privacy]

- Photo named: Coffee drying in Costa Rica

Do I allow him to use the photograph? Do I not? Why? The site he is building will be in Turkish, so I won't even be sure what it says, although I am sure that Babelfish would offer some interesting translation, if it even included English-Turkish translation. Am I giving up the rights to my photograph in any way? Would I have the right to ask him to remove it if I had an issue with its use?

And lastly, tell me nice things in the comments, as well. Not nice things about me, no. I want you to tell me nice things like, oh, about your favourite things. You know, whiskers on kittens and brown paper packages and candy floss and that sort of thing.

You see, today has been really freaking difficult for me. I had certain upset feelings about a particular thing that happened, and my upset feelings were complex and conflicting and sometimes ugly. I normally run from conflict like cats from water (cats other than my Oskar, that is), but I decided to confront this thing, and of course, I did it horribly.

If I had more practice at this sort of thing, I am sure I would have done a better job, but I didn't, because I avoid practice as much as possible, and I chose the wrong day and the wrong medium and the wrong emotional situation on my end and ended up babbling in a run-on sentence without putting much conscious thought into it. You know, like I write, only worse.

So, now I am feeling scads of guilt for not being more put together when it comes to this sort of thing and for having made someone very important feel badly in the process of my unwinding about it. The whole world has begun to look far too complicated, because I have a tendency to extrapolate wildly and unreasonably. I want the world to look nice again. I want it to seem sweeter and warmer and more welcoming.

Gawd, it's startling what one afternoon can do to my brain.

So, yes, tell me about happy things you love that make your world a better place.

Oh! I have had a lightbulb! go off! above! my head! I will put all your nice things on bits of paper in a hat, and then I will pull one out, and the winner gets a monogrammed Schmutzie washcloth that I knit myself! It is orange and red and blue and purple, and it has a nice basket-weave look and an S in the corner.


(Only a winner willing to cough up a mailing address can win. Each individual will only be entered once).