Despite my nearly overwhelming urge to quit my job and run for hills and a life of hippy gardening and tea times and too many cats, I have a feeling that I am supposed to let this desire for change sink in a bit, gestate. There will be no mass dumping of every last shred of structure in my life just yet. What I am trying to figure out in the meantime is how to be happy and feel productive while I wait for whatever it is that I'm waiting for.

If you know me, and I mean really know me, you know that I take things far too seriously. I have a tendency not only to beat a dead horse with vigor and determination but also to roll around in its mucky carcass three weeks later with no less passion.

Partially, this is due to the fact that I try to fit all the bits and pieces of my life into a running narrative, and because I am a writer, I niggle and sweat over smaller details as I attempt to jostle them into a position that affords them a more coherent meaning within the context of this personal account.

Mostly, I just need to learn the art of Getting Over Oneself.

Learning how to give it up so shamelessly in the name of entertainment should be a part of every college psychology department's requirement for convocation. This, the Fiery One sporting false eyebrows and a moustache on a Friday night in public, did more for me than a therapist ever could and was an excellent refresher crash course in Getting Over Oneself:

a moustachioed man flaunts it

What's truly fabulous is that he was wearing a t-shirt that went with his disguise. It reads: Guns Don't Kill People / People With Moustaches Kill People.

a moustachioed man

Don't mess with this man. He knows how to fuck shit up.

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Surely, There Is

Oh, Wa Wa Wa. You'll Have to Call Me a Wambulance If I Keep This Up.