I! Am! A finalist! The first round of voting over at the Share the Love Blog Awards has come and gone, and I am still a contender. A contender, I tells you!

And so, if you want to, you can go over there and vote for me in the Best Site Design category, or not. It's up to you really. And I have no way of tracking you down and forcing you to click on things you don't want to on the internet, so really, you can exercise your free will here.

This reminds me of one of my favourite books in elementary school: The Contender by Robert Lipsyte. It was all about this kid who wanted to be a really good boxer, and he worked hard at it and against the odds. It made me feel like I could do something hard.

Do something hard. Oh, ha.

If you already voted for me earlier, you still have to vote for me again, because that was for the semi-finalist round, and you have to go vote for me a second time in the finalist round.

So, go vote for me. Or don't vote for me. I am so totally not standing outside your window right now between the caragana and the house, waiting for you to make the right decision.

I'm really not. They made me stop doing stuff like that. It had something to do with socialization and developing a natural sense of shame.

Judging by this post, I would say that I still need to do some work on that.

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