Through Ozma, I found my way to the Face Transformer. I used my usual profile image pictured at the top left of the picture grouping below.

my child self - before transformationmy child self - babymy child self - manga
my child self - chimpmy child self - afro-caribbeanmy child self - modigliani

  1. The real Schmutzie at approximately three years of age.

  2. Manic gerber baby with super long bottom teeth - the better to tear the flesh with.

  3. Manga kid Schmutzie after she healed from gruesome forehead burns. She's a brave kid.

  4. 50% chimp, which strangely looks to me like a nervous virgin at fifty who can't figure out what's up with her gardenias.

  5. Afro-caribbean Schmutzie, zombified and happy to be blessed with those long flesh-tearing teeth.

  6. Modigliani-ized Schmutzie is secretly a dirty, dirty girl.

Embracing This Meat Machine A Little Bit At A Time