I found out last night that I had missed Knuckle Toes' birthday. I am always missing birthdays. It is the Schmutzie way. The fact that I behave this way frequently and that it seems to be in my nature does not excuse my poor social graces, though, so I am hoping that my creative efforts will win me some points.

I spent two hours struggling with Photoshop, a photograph, and an online pop art tutorial in order to create her present. TWO HOURS. I am pretty much convinced that I am Photoshop retarded, which is kind of like being an idiot savant but inverted.

Behold! The fabulous Knuckle Toes!

Knuckletoes lurvs Ra's Al Ghul

Join me in a round of "Happy Birthday", but first, because I would hate to encourage copyright infringement, I must ask you to refrain from singing "Happy Birthday" out loud if you are in a public place and simply imagine the song in your heads. I would hate to have to report any of you to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers for not paying royalties to Time Warner. Gawd, the horror of it.

Mm mm mm mm mm mm,
Mm mm mm mm mm mm,
Mm mm mm mm mm Knuckle Toes,
Mm mm mm mm mm mm.

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