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I wrote about sweater vests, and nobody came. Imagine! Sweater vests, a dead uncle, and a vain cat did not draw in the masses, did not create for me minions out of unwary readers. The internet is crazy like that.

And the internet can be mighty crazy. After recent incidents of cyberstalking and harassment, including an unconscionable attack of Kathy Sierra, Andy Carvin has declared today Stop Cyberbullying Day, and he has created a social network using Ning called Stop Cyberbullying, which aims "...to discuss cyberbullying, identifying resources and solutions to address this epidemic of online cruelty."

So, join the community, do not suffer the nastier of the internetters, and even take it a step further: go out and be nice to a blogger or more today, because it can be mean out there.

Fuck But Youth Is Beautiful