So, my spectacles collection is humming along nicely, gathering up new entrants like dust on a bunny.

Olive from Freckled OliveThe first of the latest three is from Olive of Freckled Olive. She is good at the domestic arts, so I hold this woman in high esteem. She grows her own mung bean sprouts, for lawd's sake. I can barely get it together enough to have all the ingredients I need on hand for a peanut butter sandwich let alone sprout beans for a stir fry ten days down the road.

DK from WenchwireDK from Wenchwire is the second most recent entrant into my collection. I likes this wench, I does. She is a flesh-and-blood friend of mine who doesn't need me to sing her praises, but I doubt she'd mind if I told you that she's an incredibly creative woman who writes, makes art, sews, does her own interior design, and loves Frank Zappa. The woman's got soul.

Firewings from Indecisive PeachThe newest submission to the collection is from Firewings of Indecisive Peach. She likes Rachael Ray, but I'm willing to let that go, because she's an educated woman who must struggle against the evil of IHOPS, and I have felt that pain. Also, if you take a look at her NaDruBloDa post, she has a picture of herself, at least I think it's her, and it smacks you upside the head with human cuteness.

I'm in need of more images of pairs of eyeglasses, people, because I hate the number six, and the collection now numbers exactly sixty. I've always hated six. It's a thing. And I would like to pass through the sixties as quickly as possible so that the collection can grow into the seventies and eighties and beyond without spending too long with too many sixes hanging around, destroying this website's good vibe. If you would submit your spectacles, I would be ever so grateful. It would help a person out. Thanks.

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