I have been MIA internet-wise since Friday afternoon. My reason? I have been designing again. This time I agreed to do Tahini Monkey (henceforth known as TM in this entry) the favour (although I do get a beer out of the deal). Here is what TM's site looks like, and you should go there now:

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I cannot tell you all that much about TM, because TM is like a superhero, all big on the hidden identity. I can say that TM is a positive thinker who treats people real nice. TM is not opposed to breakfasty brunches in cafeterias sporting truly awful ceramic art and then spending hours drinking coffee and totally not letting on that the rest of us might be making it difficult to read about something not quite but almost akin to cybergenetics.

TM carries rice milk around in an old Keene's mustard jar. I don't care how clean the jar may have been, it did nothing in the way of making the rice milk appetizing.

TM has a cool hat.

TM shares a living space filled with excellent energy with another cool person.

Writing about somebody who has a secret identity who may or may not want certain things revealed about said person is fucking difficult. I give up. I will leave you with this: Tahini Monkey is fucking cool, and you should go visit and take a look at my latest creation while you're at it.

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"The Family Monkey" by Russell Edson

And now I am running away to have lunch with the Fiery One, but before I go, I would like to leave you with a picture of the topic of my next entry, my older brother:

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#259: Part1: Ward (and Some Lorca)