If you look back over the past few days, I may appear to be more than a little cat obsessed. I swear that this website is not going to the cats, though. Honest. What has happened is that I have been anxious about health issues for the last while and stuck in the house over the last two days, which sends me straight for the kitty love. They are comforts, like big heating pads, only responsive and with claws. Also, Onion is finally grown up enough to sit still for short periods, which offers up decent picture-taking opportunities for the first time since we brought him home over a year ago.

Oh, WOW, did I just find myself rambling on about how my cat obsession is not a cat obsession but a symptom of neediness leading to cat obsession? I think I did. I'd better run out and get me a third cat, because otherwise I won't just be a cat lady, I will be a half-assed cat lady, and a half-assed cat lady somehow seems more pathetic than your average ailurophilic matron.

Oskar and Onion sitting in a tree...

I am stepping out for some sushi now with the Palinode and our lovely friend Saviabella, because I do sometimes actually have a life away from the poop machines. Be good to the kitties while I'm out.

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