If you have been here before, you may have noticed that the picture to the left may not be its usual self. Normally, there is a picture of a dodo with a cup of coffee there. There still is .... sometimes. I have put a series of six of different title graphics in rotation, which means that each one will show up 16.67% of the times that you reload this page. So go ahead! Reload away! Collect all six!

Beware the Unitarian Jihad.

I am a personal fan of Zefrank's collection of educational videos (audio warning), but stick around for such mindless fun as the carol maker and the game everysecond.

W3Schools offers excellent web-building tutorials. I should know. That's how I achieved that lovely rotation of title graphics and improved the load time of this page.

Read about some interesting motherfuckers.

A list of facts.

Find out why Tristan Miller will never have a girlfriend.

Send an e-mail to your future self.

Learn about the numbers that rule your life.

Make your own science toys.

News of mass extinction can brighten anyone's day.

Watch Mung films.

Learn how to make your own brand name food items, such as Cadbury Cream Eggs.

Book-a-Minute Classics are way less time-consuming than Cliff's Notes.

One day in 1958, fifty-seven jazz greats got together in Harlem to have their photograph taken. It was a great piece of history I had never heard of until I came across the film "A Great Day in Harlem", which is well worth watching, even if you're not a jazz fan.

Check out the Goof Gallery to see the strange mistakes that have been made by scientists about living and extinct organisms.

Um, this is just kind of creepy and weird, and this is almost scary. I can't decide which is worse.

Explore emergence.

Learn about great art at Artcyclopedia and sound smart at parties.

The International Center for Research on Women.

Translate text into binary.

The Cycles Page will help you keep track of your entire menstrual cycle for months in advance.

Oh, the sweetness that is a bounty of fonts.

Find out who was born or who died on any given date.

And now you've reached the end. Go away. Well, not now, but after the poem.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"For a Coming Extinction" by W. S. Merwin