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1. I am overtired. It is the cat's fault. Oskar has this new thing he does where he stands up against my side of the bed, holds his head about four inches from my face, and then barks MIAO at me once really loud. When my eyes fly open and my breathing quickens from the rush of adrenalin, he lets out a satisfied little chirp and trots away. HE DID THIS AT 4:15 THIS MORNING. I would like to glue his feet to floor or cut his legs off at the knees or let him get high in the chemicals closet or eat coffee and die from the resulting caffeine poisoning, but I can't. If he knew that he was an asshole and set out to be one on purpose, I could, but he's too oblivious to know that he's doing anything but confirming some kind of bond within the pack.

living room in a jumble
(We keep our living room chaotic, so you don't have to).

2. The eyeglasses that we cannot afford but I must buy nonetheless will be picked out this weekend. I have not had a new pair in at least six years, and I am both thrilled and daunted by the prospect of redefining my face.

making a point
(Abigail gets to the point).

3. My half hour's almost up, and this entry is proving to be little more than a vehicle for posting my photographs. Any text you see is here solely to hold this website back from becoming a photoblog.

a man and a beer and a cigarette
(A satisfied man partakes of his vices).

4. By the way, this website is not becoming a photoblog. I am merely using the last five minutes I have here to fill up the remaining 8% of my monthly allowance of upload capacity on Flickr.

man in a helmet
(He wears it well).

5. As much as "Law & Order" episodes have extremely predictable story arcs with villains you can spot within ten seconds of their introduction onto the screen, the series still holds sway over my brain. Last night, I was having a conversation with the Fiery One in the kitchen while he hacked away at a sturdy squash, and I heard faintly from the living room ... and these are their stories. Without a second thought, I leapt through the hall and over the arm of the sofa so as not to miss the opening scene. Sad? Perhaps a little. It's a bit sinister how "Law & Order" can cast a brief but encompassing zombie-like thrall over me with it's trademark opening.

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