The Collection of Spectacles blogroll has grown to ninety-one from its humble beginnings when it was born out of the ether and into this website. Back in the day when it was just an off-hand entry with five faces on it, it had no idea that the future would take it to such climes.

The two latest additions to the blogroll come from Suebob of Red Stapler and Lee of Dancing Crow.

Suebob from Red StaplerSuebob, pictured at left, describes herself thusly: "I write for a living, read a lot and am a childless, 40-something liberal California feminist wacko." To get a good taste of Suebob's humour, I suggest that you read about her water aerobics instructors, and while you are around those parts, take a look at Linkateria, where her "...links run wild and free." She surfs so you don't have to!

Lee from Dancing CrowLee, again at left, has a great description of her family life: "I have one husband and two daughters. We take family circus classes together. In the garage we have two tandems, 6 single bikes, a sailboat and a canoe. Under the back porch we have a kayak and three buckets for dying fabric. In the back of my van is a bag with breeches, tall black boots, a pair of spurs, 4 pairs of gloves and a good helmet." After reading that, I wondered how it is that she finds the time to fit in being a fabric and fibre artist, but she does. Stroll through her website to see some of her work or head on over to her Flickr account to see more. I am particularly drawn to this piece, which honours her daughter.

Your eyewear, yes YOURS, could be here, too, but only if you join the Collection of Spectacles blogroll. I would love to have you. People of any kind of sightedness or sightlessness can join, and all manner of real and fake spectacles will get you in. Of course, I reserve the right to refuse your entry if your website is racist / mysoginist / mean / otherwise unsavoury, because it's my blogroll and I'll snub assholes if I want to. If you are as cool as I think you might be and decide to join the blogroll, there are badges for your website so that you can show off your affiliation with the bespectacled intertubers and drive traffic to your fellow myopics.

Thank you for considering this blogroll. I am eagerly awaiting your reply.

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