#574: GO VOTE

Canadian Blog AwardsA couple of weeks ago Sweetney honoured me with a nomination for a 2006 Canadian Blog Award in the Personal Blogs category. I was thrilled that I would even pop into the mind of a blogger of her ilk let alone be read by her and then liked enough by her to be nominated for a freaking award. And when I say ilk, I mean she is high calibre. She not only maintains her own website, but she created MamaPop with Amalah, she writes Jinkies! over at ClubMom, she has had an interview with Leahpeah, and she has been featured on Mommy Bloggers. In short, she is good at what she does, and WOW, she likes me! She really likes me!

Before I terrify a nice woman into rescinding her nomination, I invite you to GO VOTE. If'n you want to vote for me, I can be found listed alphabetically under M for "Milkmoney Or Not, Here I Come" in the Best Blog, Best Photo/Art Blog, and Best Personal Blog categories. There are a passel of good Canadian weblogs to surf through over there, including the Palinode's, which can be found in the Best Blog and Best Personal Blog categories alphabetically under I for "In Palinode's Palace", if'n you want to vote for him.

The above paragraph makes me uncomfortable, because it is so overtly self-promotional. I grew up Mennonite (not the kind in the little hats on the colonies, mind you, but still Mennonite), and we were raised to be modest and quiet and sit with our knees together. Writing the above vote-for-me paragraph chafes at my inbred drive to appear humble, and this present paragraph is chafing at me now, because it is acting as both a defense of my supposed humility and as further self-promotion. Vote for my website! But remember to forgive my self-congratulatory post, because I am so modest! I feel like my knees are flung far and wide.

What is so wrong with admitting that you think you're good enough? Why the reflex to cast your eyes downward, toe the floor, and say aw shucks, thanks, but I don't deserve it?

Of course, this internal conflict is not going to stop me from directing you to vote every day until November 21st when the first round of voting closes.

In short: vote for me, and then vote for the Palinode, and then forget this overt display of my embarrassing internal conflictions. Denial only works if a whole community upholds the agreed upon version of the truth. Capiche?

Thank you.

Now I am going to go scrub myself down with a pumice stone and some bath salts.
Or masturbate.

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