Before I run off to a very glamorous brunch at a nearby casino, I thought I would throw a few pictures of Oskar out there now that he has been with us for two weeks. I was hesitant to do so earlier, because his health was so poor, and I had myself semi-prepared to lose him before too long. Things are looking up for little Oskar, though, so I've decided to take the plunge and post his handsome visage.

Here he is looking terribly cute just before he became a horribly ill ball of sneezes, flying snot, and snorking. A couple of days after this photo was taken, Oskar looked like a bedraggled alley cat on its last legs, but now he's already looking more like the kitty pictured here.

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Do you remember the incessant yowling I mentioned earlier? Oskar has quieted down some now that he knows he will get fed regularly and pet and talked to here, but he's still a rather talky cat. In the following photograph, he looks kind of vicious, but that is just the way he looks in the early stages of a crying jag.

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And here he is, showing off his coat's glossy sheen in the flash of my camera. Every time I point the camera at him, he stops dead still and levels his gaze.

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And there you have our beloved Oskar. And now the Fiery One and I are off to brunch. The highbrow world of four-dollar buffets awaits!

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