I bet you thought that I forgot about my journey through Costa Rica! Well, I did not!

24 December 2005

I keep meaning to write about the three-hour hike we did up the side of Mount Chirripo on the 22nd, but I think I will wait until the pictures are developed. Without the visuals, my descriptions would mean little.

So, we will skip back from December the 24th to the 22nd, because I was all caught up in following through my travel journal chronologically, and I completely skipped mention of our jungle hike until Christmas Eve. I never even mentioned the bamboo furniture factory we visited just before our jungle hike at all. Here is a pile of bamboo at said factory.

bamboo at a factory in Costa Rica

It's embarrassing how taken I am with taking flower pictures, but I can't help myself, because I live in a province that is really freaking barren for a good portion of the year. I give you orange flowers at the bamboo furniture factory:

orange flowers in Costa Rica

And then we were off to Talamanka, which is a nature reserve in the mountains. Costa Rica pays people to watch over nature reserves and keep them free from squatters and encroaching farming, and these people are allowed to take a small number of people through the reserves to observe the jungles and their wildlife.

water in the jungle in Costa Rica

Every last inch of available space has something growing in or on it. Plants grow on plants that grow on other plants. At times, I half expected a velociraptor to soar overhead because of the large dimensions of the plant life.

massive leaves in the jungle in Costa Rica

I saw a moth. Incredible, I know.

a moth in the jungle in Costa Rica

Before we started our hike up the mountain, we had to sign waivers declaring that we wouldn't sue if any of us died. We all laughed and thought that the waiver was a touch extreme. I didn't think it was so extreme when I found myself on a path one foot wide with a moss-covered wall on my left and a sheer drop on my right with not a single thing to hang on to. I decided that if I was going to break myself or die on that mountain, I was going to take a picture of the thing that killed me.

a moss-covered wall in the jungle

An hour-and-a-half up the side of Mount Chirripo, we were rewarded for the occasional treacherous pass.

a waterfall in the jungle

And here are my feet, to prove I was actually standing there on the jungle floor.

my feet in a Costa Rican jungle

On the way back down from the waterfall, our guide took us to see this massive tree. Notice that the trunk exceeds the left edge of the photograph.

a huge tree in Costa Rica

One thing that I did not take a picture of was the nest of spiders that I was standing in while I took the above picture. The spiders were little, so I didn't notice right away that there were thousands and thousands of them all over that area. Thousands. But there was only one of these beetles, and for that I was thankful, because he was huge.

lichen and beetle in the jungle

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