#576: LINKS FRIDAY (or at least it would be if I did anything here on a schedule)

One of the best entries ever written for a food blog is "Chutzpah, Truffles & Alain Ducasse" from The Amateur Gourmet, which is done as a photo essay in the style of a comic book.

Read Ray Sweatman's poem "Monty Please, Door Number Three".

Second Attention hosts great video and audio lectures featuring such psychedelic pioneers as Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, and Timothy Leary. They're great background noise for writing, I've found.

Cliff Pickover's Reality Carnival: "News that shatters the ice of our unconscious!"

These cats! They talk!

Problogger's post entitled "20 Types of Blog Posts - Battling Bloggers Block" will be incredibly useful to those out there feeling the strain of NaBloPoMo 2006.

Are you still in need of help? Russell Davies can advise you on how to be interesting.

I link to this weblog in the sidebar, and I've singled it out in posts before, but you must go read wood s lot regularly. It's all sorts of good, and it will make you smarter.

Wikipedia has a list entitled "List of faux pas", although "[it] has been noted ... that this list includes examples of common etiquette, superstitions, linguistic guidelines, preferences in terminology, cultural tendencies, local laws, regional customs and many other occurrences which are not correctly defined as faux pas." The section about etiquette in Canada makes us sound just a tad uptight, don't you think?

Wikipedia, which is obviously good with the lists, has another list that tickles me: Lists of fictional things.

Michael Brownstein is "...a poet and novelist, also trained in shamanic work" who has been "...been drumming to heal Dick Cheney's heart".

To see an excellent collection of furniture from contemporary designers, check out Bonluxat.

Next year, I must remember to take part in NaDruWriNi, National Drunken Writing Night.

And, if you are sitting at a desk right now wondering if this job is what the rest of your life is going to look like, maybe you should take a look at "How To Write A Masterpiece Of A Resume".

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