5 Random Facts About Me

My friend Rilla tapped me in a meme to share 5 random facts about myself, and I say yes when Rilla asks me to do stuff, so here goes:

my forehead and night hair

my forehead and night hair


I had a near death experience at the age of nine that wrecked my ability to hold onto religious belief but confirmed for me that we do have some form of continued existence after death. This is not a spiritual idea, it's just what happens in the same way that we have all been born to get here. Belief changes nothing. This can make my atheism a complicated creature to discuss.

And that's about all I will say about that for now, because I haven't figured out how to write about that experience yet.


I like putting IKEA furniture together. I really like putting IKEA furniture together. I love matching up the list of pieces with what arrived in the box. I love turning the instructions over and around to figure out what the hell they're going on about. I love the little Allen wrenches that come in the little plastic baggies full of fittings.

If I plan and remain patient, everything comes together, orderly, perfectly aligned, and smelling faintly of sweet wood.


I used to hate tea. I couldn't comprehend why someone would want the watery, ineffectiveness of tea when one could have the rich, meatiness of coffee to get them going. And then I met Irish Breakfast Cream tea from McQuarries Tea & Coffee Merchants. Now I think about it like I think about chocolate cake.

(By the way, this is not an ad. I just really like Irish Breakfast Cream tea.)


Last night I dreamed that there was a taxidermied squirrel on wheels hiding giant, dehydrated raspberries for winter. Aidan and the squirrel had developed a strong friendship that was making Aidan question the value of human love as well as living anywhere but San Francisco.

This dream is only notable because it is the first vivid dream I have both had and remembered in months, and it is actually a sign of better mental health. The truth is weird.


I wear Aidan's clothes when he's not home, because it makes me feel close to him.
Thankfully, marriage makes me look more like a wife than a creepy stalker with a fetish.

And now, as per the rules, I must tap five of you to share five random facts. Have at it Suebob, Alexis Hinde, Eden Riley, Susan Goldberg, and Vikki Reich!

UPDATE: They're doing it! They're doing it!