I have very little time to string anything coherent together on this Thursday afternoon, so this one will be fast, possibly with grammatical and/or spelling errors, and listy. Canada Day is July 1st, which makes this the Canada Day long weekend, which means that I have tomorrow off, which brings me to point number one of my "Hoorah! Hoorah! The Sun Is Shining And Life Is Good" list:

  • It is nearly the beginning of my long weekend, and the Saskatchewan skies have not become completely dismal for us yet. With the way the weather has been waffling between the close heat of the Sierra Desert and the clammy wetness of the Outer Hebrides, anything midway seems a freaking blessed gift.

  • We got the keys to our new apartmenty condo this morning. The Fiery One's response to the news was this: Let's leave work and run around naked in our new place! He's a man after my own heart.

    One of the best things about moving into a new apartment is that first time you step into it when the previous owner's stuff is all gone and everything is scrubbed clean. The place never feels so big or free again, and I always want to put on my grandfather's wool socks and slide from one end of the room to the other like I did when I was seven. The wall on the other end of the room always hurt when you slid into it, but the thrill of flying across the floor outdid any pain you had to endure.

    I can hardly get any work done today with thoughts of my new abode. How many apartment-dwellers do you know that get to have windows facing in all four directions?

  • I am farting a lot. I'm farting in my cubicle. This is funny to me.

  • I nearly have this new template complete, and I likes it thus far. I have many headaches trying to align dynamic javascript images while having text wrap around them (I've given up), my background pattern is much more grey than I thought it would be (our monitor at home lies), and I can't decide on whether to use Verdana or Georgia as my body font (to serif or sans-serif?), but other than that, I like the change. By the way: Verdana or Georgia?

    Here, I know. I will switch to Verdana now, and you can tell me what you think.

  • Another good apartment thing: the Fiery One and I are going there after work, and I am going to carry something over. I'm thinking an endtable would be a good thing to take. It's like peeing on the property to let everyone know it's mine. Somehow putting a table in it says simultaneously fuck off everyone, this is mine and ahhh, home sweet home (but, of course, without the peeing, which is for the best, really. Tables have saved many a hardwood floor from unnecessary damage).

  • When everything feels like it's falling apart, it usually isn't.

  • We are heading up to Cosmopolis this weekend, and I am going to get to see some old friends. By old friends I really mean one individual that I have not seen in at least five years. This makes me crazy nervous, because I'm not sure that we parted on an entirely positive note, but I still miss her and wonder about her quite often. Old friends always equals history plus the humanness of my heart, though, so I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to run into her.

    Hoorah! Hoorah! The Sun Is Shining And Life Is Good!

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    "Sun, Sun" by Mikhail Alekseevich Kuzmin