Starcat, a long-time friend whom I lived with over ten years ago,

ordering lunch, or some such thing

was brought down to Cityville by the lovely K. We had a fine macrobiotic lunch. I like saying "macrobiotic". It makes me envision small moving metal parts in amongst the tofu and bean sprouts and bell peppers.

lunch with a friend

And then, following lunch, the Fiery One and I stopped in at our favouritest bookstore in all of Cityville. They are closing their doors at their present location, and there is no guarantee of a re-opening. If this is indeed the end, we will opine for their choice coffee beans, erudite political magazines, and excellent literature.


This is the face of the Fiery One as he makes exceedingly difficult decisions in a bookstore filled with discounted books. Which ones? How much money can I feasibly spend without committing us to a diet of rice and frozen vegetables? I might not have this chance again! Should I throw some Verillio on top of this fiction, or would non-fiction sully the theme of the pile?

aidan in buzzword

Why was I able to enjoy this afternoon so well after weeks of worry and tears? My morning cup of coffee was a very wise cup of coffee this morning. I am solitary! I am a travelling soul! Even though I find this comforting, I forget it again and again as I allow myself to become ravelled up in life's seeming complications. They are not complications; they are just noise.

wise coffee