Ha ha! We are edging ever closer to the triple digits with each new participant in the Collection of Spectacles blogroll. In fact, just recently the number rose to 89. EIGHTY-NINE. (That just looks so impressive in all-caps).

Eleven more would tip that scale to 100. If you are wondering why 100 is really any better than 99, stop. It's obviously that extra digit, and you should quit waxing philosophical. This a blogroll.

(I had an urge to type "This is not your mother's blogroll" but quit, because that makes no sense. If I said the word blogroll to my mother, she would ask me if it was like a bun stuffed with meat, and if your mother has a blogroll, it's probably just as cool as mine.)

Tracey from Crazy TraceThat person at the left there in the mirrored sunglasses is Tracey from Crazy Trace. She describes herself as a mid-40s, Australian, married mother of three who can "...wear my heart on my sleeve, and I can and will write about anything - from the sublime to the ridiculous..." If she had not joined the Collection of Spectacles blogroll, I might never have found her, and if I had not found her, I would never have learned about ANZAC Day, which marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps during the First World War. Those crazy Zeastralians.

JennAnd you don't even have to have a weblog to join! That person next to these words is Jenn. I know! It's fantastic! I'm so flexible, it's like I'm the contortionist of the blogworld!

And you! You can be just like Tracey or Jenn if you join the Collection of Spectacles blogroll. You can be near-sighted, far-sighted, a visual impairment wannabe, or just someone trying on her/his grandma's glasses, and I'll accept your entry. That is, I will as long as your website is not peppered with nasty racism or mysogyny or is just plain mean, because I reserve the right to decide not to promote social dreck. There are also badges for your website to show off your extreme cooliosity affiliation with the Collection and send visitors its way, because what's a blogroll without visitors?

Go now! Join up!

Also, you should really GO VOTE FOR ME by using those links at the top of the column. Why? Because otherwise I'll cut you. (Except that I won't. That wasn't a threat. Honest. I don't even know where you live.)

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