• listening to my female zebra finch flit and meep like a squeak toy in her cage

  • sitting in bed in a stripy shirt that smells a little too much like socks

  • feeling full of potato perogies consumed with an entire fried onion

  • actually kind of enjoying the way that onion just keeps being so flavourful an hour after it went down

  • having a flash memory of learning to darn socks stretched over a wooden shape that was worn soft from being poked with over fifty years of needles

  • snuggling a cat

  • adding a section to this website that I'm calling Fresh Found Videos, because I find quite a few videos I like and rarely get to share them

  • feeling annoyed with myself for allowing myself to watch Oprah, because she aggravated me yet again by doing a show about becoming more environmentally friendly and then giving away a ton of consumer goods to her audience

  • reading some pretty delightful weblogs, such as these from Swapatorium, pitbull_poet, Uberfrau, and Suburban Bliss

  • watching this dude fall and jump over rocks

  • trotting about pantsless through the apartment, oblivious until just recently that half the apartments in my building are likely running out to buy window frosting kits after generous showings of my nethers

  • yelling It's a party! We're having a fucking party! every time the finch gets excited over a car horn

  • reading the Guinness Book of World Records 2005 and wondering how much practice it took for that guy to stand on one leg for so long

  • thinking what a strange little window this is
  • * I have done a decent job of weeding gerunds out of much of my writing. I've been told that they're not active, but it is a habit that dies hard. This entry stands as testament to my difficulty and exemplifies the binge/purge behaviour of a gerund addict.

    "Reefer Man" - Cab Calloway

    "Father and Daughter" - Michael Dudok De Wit