Firstly, I want to call your attention to my links page. I fixed it up over the long weekend, finally bringing it up to speed template-wise with the rest of the site, and I also added newsfeeds to the far right column, most of which are updated every fifteen minutes. Me and the news forgot about each other for a while, but the Fiery One wisely brought us back together again. Take a look around and let me know if you come across any broken links or wonky formatting.

Starcat came down from Cosmopolis for the weekend. I would love to tell you that we had all kinds of adventures and wacky hijinx, but that would be so far off the mark. The long weekend was more slow-moving and relaxed, which was actually what I wanted more than anything.

He came down on the bus in the late afternoon, and we met up with the Fiery One and Friday for sushi and then beer at the local pub. That lasted until many hours and soap operas and cigarettes and flirtations and conversations had passed, and then we went home and watched Homestar Runner cartoons and passed out.

The next day, the Fiery One and Starcat and I went for coffee and an extended Scrabble game (which I lost). Then the Fiery One took off to go see "Revenge of the Sith" (go read what he wrote), because he does things like fork over good money for bad movies. It's an illness he has, but we're learning to live with it.

Before I go on with this scintillating story, I will interject with my feelings about "Revenge of the Sith". I DON'T CARE ABOUT IT. I keep having to hear about it and my eyes keep accidentally falling on text that goes on about it and, frankly, I wish it wouldn't keep happening with such frequency. Thankfully, most of the people who have been willing to fork over the stupid price of a movie ticket to see that thing have been somewhat disappointed. If only there were going to be more prequels or sequels or whathaveyou so that people could not go and show that trial and error had taught them something. Of course, now I realize that I have just generated more text about this movie, which was my original complaint, and I must care about it at least a little if I have spent even this long going on about it. But still. Also, what the Fiery One wrote about it is funny to me, so he gets a pardon from me in this case. Second also, I am not the most incredibly ginormous hypocrite you have come across since waking up this morning.

I am not.

Starcat and I started drinking while the Fiery One was out at the movies, met up with him later at the pub, and stayed until drunk. Then we went home, laughed at things on the internet, and passed out.

We really shook things up on Sunday. We met up with Politiko for brunch, walked around the slough/pond/lake thingy and looked at baby geese and their hissing parents, and took a tour through Cityville's main art gallery. We all did our respective mid-afternoon napping and reading bits and then went to a different pub for supper and beer. Yes, more beer, because we are creative individuals who instinctively seek out high adventure. We called in another friend for variety, stayed until drunk, went home, looked at the internet, and passed out.

On Monday, in an effort to be really wild, we did not drink beer. On that day, I also made the decision that maybe I should switch to another type of beverage like red wine, and then maybe only have that a couple of times a week. Me and my liver, we mostly like each other, and I'd like to keep it that way.

I did enjoy my weekend despite its general level of intoxication. It was on-and-off rainy and the air was a bit cool, so drinking through the afternoon like it was fifteen years ago felt kind of nice. The next time Starcat comes for a visit, though, I want to come up with a creative project that we have to complete by the end of the weekend so there's more talky and less drinky. Yes, Starcat?

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"Strong Beer" by Robert Graves

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