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Dodo from VoodooesqueVanna from co.inc.ee.dinxBossy from I Am BossyReé from This Time AroundM, as mentioned on Dan's House of Foo

The above thumbnails belong to the latest additions to the Collection of Spectacles blogroll, and they are, in order: Dodo from Voodooesque, Vanna from co.inc.ee.dinx, Bossy from I Am Bossy, Reé from This Time Around, and M, as mentioned in Dan's House of Foo.

You, yes you, are invited to join this fabulous Collection of Spectacles blogroll. Wear your eyeglasses, sunglasses, faux glasses made out of pipecleaners / styrofoam / plasticine / whathaveyou, take a picture of them on you / your pet /an inanimate object / whatever, and then send it my way with your internet name and your website address. If you don't have a website, there's a section for you, too, so don't be shy. Show me and the rest of the world what you've got!