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I borrowed this from Sweetney. Go to Google and type, including the brackets, "[your name] needs". Cut and paste a list of the sentences that come up into a weblog entry. This exercise has taught me that I need to make more money, improve my health, and seek therapy. I think I will skip that whole needing to die bit, though. That seems a touch grim.

  1. Schmutzie needs a new home.
  2. Schmutzie needs more cash.
  3. Schmutzie needs to further investigate the cases.
  4. Schmutzie needs an operation.
  5. Schmutzie needs to be coupled with a beefy amplifier.
  6. Schmutzie needs three important things.
  7. Schmutzie needs a proper base to start with.
  8. Schmutzie needs some good news on the latter to have a decent prospect of a viable long-term future.
  9. Schmutzie needs restructuring.
  10. Schmutzie needs to also consider competitive sporting links.
  11. Schmutzie needs to be shut down.
  12. Schmutzie needs to apply the induction principle on the right positions.
  13. Schmutzie needs new blood.
  14. Schmutzie needs a tune.
  15. Schmutzie needs to put more emphasis on education and less at yelling and swearing.
  16. Schmutzie needs to die.
  17. Schmutzie needs to lift weights more.
  18. Schmutzie needs to be together on the same foot.
  19. Schmutzie needs to look like the people who they are making decisions about.
  20. Schmutzie needs to shed some light on what can be done.

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