The 360th Five Star Mixtape Great Blog Roundup Is Brought to You By Betsy Lerner

The 360th Five Star Mixtape Great Blog Roundup Is Brought to You By Betsy Lerner

This week's Five Star Mixtape is brought to you by the unnecessary policing of bathrooms, poverty's fallout, Big Brother, colonization of land and bodies, mixed-abilities romance, voice, when history isn't just history, and Betsy Lerner:

Asking for advice about what you should write is a little like asking for help getting dressed. I can you tell you what I think looks good, but you have to wear it. And as every fashion victim knows, very few people look good in everything.
— Betsy Lerner —

Happy reading!

"Bathrooms and Being Non-Binary" by Nillin Dennison at Mx Nillin:

…non-cis-passing trans people, as well as everybody who identifies between or outside of the gender binary… usually find themselves at the center of the struggle as cis people use them as a reason to keep all trans people out of bathrooms, while advocates and activists seem more concerned with asserting that “trans women are women” rather than showing actual support or solidarity for those who don’t fit the binary.

"#BCM310 – Poverty Porn’s Poor Audience" by R. Hall at Unicorn Dispatches:

The voice is still there. The fear that I’m one misstep in the beaurocracy from starting an avalanche that leaves me on the street, desperate needing help from family — who also can’t afford it — for the costs of resetting up a house, or something legal, or worse.

"A Brief Browsing History of Time" by Adam Farrer at The Unsmoked Pipe:

What of Google, which I used as my second brain? Throwing it my every random thought. I inspected my recent search history and immediately started to worry.

“Hulk Hogan choke video”

“Bee urination”

“Hilary Swank running”

"My Optimism Wears Moccasins and is Loud: On Paris, Heavy Metal, and Chasing Freedom" by Erica Violet Lee at Moontime Warrior:

There is something about the intersection of patriarchy and colonialism that gazes upon us in our moments of freedom and decides it will try to steal that, too. Europe’s history of colonizing (the Indigenous lands now known as) Canada is not something of the past that has vanished. Empire requires constant maintenance.

"Dear Able-Bodied Partner" by Carrie at Autostraddle:

Your panicked questions, the constant pressure, and those backhanded compliments all imply that my disability is a problem I need you to solve. That’s kind of the only language we have for when able-bodied and disabled people get together. And I, for one, am pretty bored of it. So let me offer an alternative: I don’t need you to save me. I need you to see me.

"Listening to voices in search of my own: a reflection" by Joseph Schreiber at roughghosts:

What I do know is that I am possessed of a persistent sense of groundlessness, a very real and present awareness of a fragile and constant process of coming into being. It is an ongoing expression of inauthenticity that I experience – if I could capture a truth it would be momentary and fleeting, cancelled out by its negative in the act of expression. My writing is directed toward giving this experience, as I know it, voice.

"Bill of Sale" by Son of Baldwin at Medium:

Tamir’s family filed a wrongful death suit against the officers involved and against the city. It was just settled for $6 million on the condition that the city admitted to no wrongdoing. After all, all they had done was kill what, to them, was never alive to start.

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