The 348th Five Star Mixtape Is Brought to You By A S Byatt

This week's Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup is brought to you by accepting grief, white people not owning everything, finding freedom, the world not being fair, and A S Byatt:

A S Byatt
I am not sure how much good is done by moralising about fairy tales. This can be unsubtle - telling children that virtue will be rewarded, when in fact it is mostly simply the fact of being the central character that ensures a favourable outcome. Fairy tales are not, on the whole, parables.
— A S Byatt —

Happy reading!

"Grieving People Aren't Stupid" by Tim Lawrence at The Adversity Within:

Right now, at this very moment, millions of people are burying their pains in shame. They're hiding their wounds because they’ve fallen prey to a culture that has utterly failed them in its insistence that every situation must have a happy ending. This is nonsense, plain and simple. 

By insisting that grieving people return to a state of positivity, we’re really insisting that they return to a state of conformity.

"On Racial Uplift and space." by Shannon Barber at About that Writing thing.:

What boggles me is that if we step back and look at the diaspora, there is space for all of us. There is such a rich diversity of Blackness and the expressions of Blackness, why are we still tryin to shuck and jive and present a happy face?

"Abandon Your Life in Five Simple Steps" at The Unraveling Yarn:

Your friends warn you against selling everything you own but chunk by chunk your belongings disappear, leaving shadows on the polished wood floor.

"Why White Men Have Every Right to be Upset About Diversity" by John Lee Fisher at Medium's Those People:

You got royally fucked, playboy. ‘Cause you picked the worst time since 1492 to be a White man in America. Hell, in the world. The economy is shit, the Euro is about as stable as Enron, your wife makes more money than you do, Bruce Lee’s nephew just took your admissions spots at UCLA, a six foot tall transgender female is taking a piss in the stall beside your sixteen year old daughter right now, Hollywood is making an all female version of Ghostbusters, ISIS is making beheading yo’ ass must see TV, and even Barack Obama is saying nigger in public now, but you can’t. Yet, somehow everything is still your fucking fault.

You’ve gotta be thinking , “How did this happen?”

Five Star Mixtape

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