The 346th Five Star Mixtape Great Blog Roundup Is Brought to You By Langston Hughes

This week's Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup is brought to you by living with invisibility, giving yourself a break, what we accept, not having fun pretending, learning to be lighter, false-consensus bias, dental care, and Langston Hughes:

Carl Van Vechten [public domain],  via Wikimedia Commons

Carl Van Vechten [public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
— Langston Hughes, "Dreams" —

Happy reading!

"I Was Once the Writer Kelly Davio" by Kelly Davio at Change Seven Magazine:

This is the story of how I learned I wasn’t The Writer Kelly Davio any longer.

"It’s Nice to See You" by Caissie St. Onge at Medium:

…Oprah is arguably the most accomplished, admired, able person in the world. She creates magic for other people and herself on the regular. So, if Oprah can’t do permanent lifelong weight loss, maybe it can’t be done. Oprah is also crazy rich. If Oprah can’t buy permanent lifelong weight loss, maybe it can’t be bought. And that sucks. But it is also incredibly freeing…

"You might be rapey too… the real reason some people are defending Bill Cosby and R. Kelly" by Kyla Lacey at Frequent FlyHer:

We excuse the uncle who hugs us for too long, or asks for us to always sit on his lap, or brushes up against us, or corners us in a room, right before someone walks in and rescues us. We accept it, because boys will be boys and men will be men, and they can’t control themselves, so we have to do everything in our power to not be victims.

"The Membrane Between Us and Oblivion" by Jane Gross at On Being:

Retirement? I hated it. A small dark apartment after a bright, spacious house? Ditto. Old friends falling away without replacement. A sense that my world was getting ever smaller, like a snow globe that could sit in the palm of my hand.

"The Subtle Linguistics of Polite White Supremacy" by Yawo Brown at Medium:

Polite White Supremacy is the notion that whites should remain the ruling class while denying that they are the ruling class, politely. Affectionately, it’s called #PWS for short. It has been referred to as the Casual American Caste System, Delicate Apartheid, Gentle Oppression, or what I like to call it after a few drinks: Chad Crow, the super chill grandson of Jim Crow.

"The 'Other Side' Is Not Dumb" by Sean Blanda at Medium:

Online [false-consensus bias] means we can be blindsided by the opinions of our friends or, more broadly, America. Over time, this morphs into a subconscious belief that we and our friends are the sane ones and that there’s a crazy “Other Side” that must be laughed at — an Other Side that just doesn’t “get it,” and is clearly not as intelligent as “us.” But this holier-than-thou social media behavior is counterproductive, it’s self-aggrandizement at the cost of actual nuanced discourse and if we want to consider online discourse productive, we need to move past this.

"January 1, 2016" by Eden M. Kennedy at Eden M. Kennedy:

I feel like my childhood wasn't really that feral, but I got away with all kinds of unhygienic behavior. I sucked the first two fingers on my left hand until I was eleven.

But I was the third child and it was the 1970s.

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