The 341st Five Star Mixtape Is Brought to You By Julia Alvarez

This week's Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup is brought to you by a paradox of a president, seeking impractical freedoms, the opposite of NIMBY, and Julia Alvarez:

It's like my whole world is coming undone, but when I write, my pencil is a needle and thread, and I'm stitching the scraps back together.
— Julia Alvarez —

Happy reading!

"President Obama's 'Folks Wanna Pop Off' Is the Blackest Thing That Ever Happened This Week" by Damon Young at VSB:

We’ve kinda suspected it before, but President Obama genuinely gives no fucks at this point. He is fuck devoid. Fuck deficient. Fuck deprived.

"Yes" by Meg at Pigspittle Ohio:

We adopted a kitten recently. He was no more than four weeks old when my neighbor found him and asked if we could take him in. I said yes, of course, because I no longer know how to turn away abandoned animals.

"Yes, In My Backyard" by Seth Godin at Seth's Blog:

Modern fortresses amplify fear, destroy the value that's at the heart of the connection economy, and don't actually pay off. It's far more valuable to live in a community of hard-working, trustworthy refugees and (former) strangers than it is to become isolated.

Five Star Mixtape

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