The 335th Five Star Mixtape Is Brought to You By Caitlin Moran

This week's Five Star Mixtape is brought you by the importance of being present with those you love, finding dreams you didn't dare have, using people with disabilities for personal gain, discovering Germany, being gifted and pursuing the life you want, and Caitlin Moran:

by Karen Melchior [ CC BY-NC 2.0 ],  via Flickr

by Karen Melchior [CC BY-NC 2.0], via Flickr

I'm so glad I spent 10 years being sad and lonely.
— Caitlin Moran —

Happy reading!

"When I'm Gone" by Rafael Zoehler at Medium's Life Tips:

Death is always a surprise. No one expects it. Not even terminal patients think they are going to die in a day or two. In a week, maybe. But only when this particular week is the next week.

We are never ready.

"When I Woke Up" by William Dameron at The Authentic Life:

Here is the thing about dreams. When life is a one or a two and you’re just trying to make ends meet, to be like everybody else, a three — somewhere in the middle — sounds pretty damn good. A five is unfathomable.

"Let me explain ableism to you." by Dany Holmes at Facebook:

A disabled man goes into a McDonalds to eat. He orders his food. He asks the cashier 'Please help me, help me please'. The cashier closes the till, and helps the man eat. Someone witnesses this moment, and posts it online…

"Who needs Munich when you’ve got the Wasen?" by William Pearse at Pinklightsabre's Blog:

It’s different here but not better, I say. Different, because you’re trusted with more responsibility but expected to not act like an asshole, which is something I didn’t get growing up and I’m not sure I deserve it now, to be trusted to not act like an asshole.

"On What to Be" by Kelly Quirino at Quiet Revolution:

As the year went on, my anxiety worsened. I developed fears of being kidnapped, of dinosaurs coming back to life, and of huge hands waiting to descend from the sky and squish me. I dealt with these scary things as pragmatically as a 5-year-old could. To thwart kidnappers, my mom and I bought thicker blinds for my bedroom window.

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