The 329th Five Star Mixtape Is Brought to You By E.L. Doctorow

This week's Five Star Mixtape is brought to you by the appearance of change and staying the same, judging love, the hard give and take of love, hard times, racism, a foolish American, the complexity of software, a daughter's grief, honest crap-cutting, and E.L. Doctorow:

by Mark Sobzcak [public domain],  via Wikimedia Commons

by Mark Sobzcak [public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The writer isn't made in a vacuum. Writers are witnesses. The reason we need writers is because we need witnesses to this terrifying century.

— E.L. Doctorow —

"Web Design: The First 100 Years" by Maciej Cegłowski at Idle Words:

So despite appearances, despite the feeling that things are accelerating and changing faster than ever, I want to make the shocking prediction that the Internet of 2060 is going to look recognizably the same as the Internet today.
Unless we screw it up.
And I want to convince you that this is the best possible news for you as designers, and for us as people.

"Don't Know Love" by Megan Ferrell at Dangerous Curves:

You don’t know love. The words tripped off his tongue like the truest thing he knows, telling a young woman that life isn’t complete, she isn’t complete, until she has kids.

"Self-Made Man #32: Grief Is the Price We Pay for Love" by Thomas Page McBee at The Rumpus:

There is a story you know about me, the triumphant self-made man. I’ve been telling you it for years, mythologizing myself because my body is not the action hero of a hot movie in a cold theater, because in Rome last month I didn’t see any statues paying tribute to my nakedness, because I refuse to be an invisible man. And you conspired with me. 

"Forget Your Perfect Offering" by Amy Turn Sharp at Amy Turn Sharp:

Maybe in the middle of life we all lose our minds for a little bit. I think some people make it back like a vision quest or something.  I think some people don't. I used to think we were reckless back then. I have the most interesting and complicated people in my life and I always thought everything would stay the same if I willed it to be so.

"I, Racist" by John Metta at Medium's Those People:

…I had great reservations talking about the one topic that I think about every single day.

Then, a terrorist massacred nine innocent people in a church that I went to, in a city that I still think of as home. At that point, I knew that despite any misgivings, I needed to talk about race.

You see, I don’t talk about race with White people.

"He said my writing does not show him Africa…" by Ijeoma Umebinyuo at Ijeoma Umebinyuo:

…an American who has never stepped foot in my continent tried explaining my country to me. He said, “i am sorry, this is just not believable….” and then as i tried to hold my anger, i understood the ‘burden’ of writing an African story.

"Everything Is Broken" by Quinn Norton at Medium's The Message:

Software is so bad because it’s so complex, and because it’s trying to talk to other programs on the same computer, or over connections to other computers… Computers have gotten incredibly complex, while people have remained the same gray mud with pretensions of godhood.
Your average piece-of-shit Windows desktop is so complex that no one person on Earth really knows what all of it is doing, or how.

"Deep inside, below the gristle and bones part of you…" by Jennifer Pastiloff at jenpastiloff on Instagram:

Deep inside, below the gristle and bones part of you, lies the memory of a memory. Sleeping like a lazy cat somewhere in the part of you that has forgotten its own name but remembers the sound.

"'Positive Attitude' Bullshit: On the dangers of 'radical self-love'" by Chloe King at Posse.:

Middle or upper class young white women seem to be the demographic of the radical self-love movement. It is all well and good to tell them to “smash that class-ceiling” and just work hard to achieve your dreams and the bling and designer shoes will follow, but as Laurie Penny points out in her book Unspeakable Things, there are a lot of women drowning in the basement. In particular women of colour, trans, and queer women who disproportionality suffer from poverty, depression, feelings of alienation, and are discriminated against in the work-place…

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