As my title already states, I must stay off the internet if I am ever going to be able to pack up the apartment before Saturday morning. This means economy! And a list!

  1. I have been listening to my Pandora radio station, and I am becoming a fan. Of Pandora, I mean. Not my radio station on Pandora.

    If any of you have noticed the new "radio" link in the sidebar and clicked on it, I must let you know that I am not entirely responsible for some of the crap that still shows up on it. I only started playing with it four days ago, and it can take a little while for the program to figure out what you like. For instance, my radio still thinks that Duran Duran might fit with my musical tastes. It doesn't. And I'm not so partial to Dwight Yoakum, either.

    Check out The Music Genome Project to find out what Pandora is about.

  2. I sometimes find myself wearing the worst underwear ever. Don't try to challenge me on this.

    I'm the woman who, at the age of thirty-three, just threw out her last pair of underwear from her grade eleven year this winter.

    I'm the woman who, after not doing laundry for three weeks, found herself pulling a pair of underwear out of her drawer that were hand-me-downs from her mother. AND WORE THEM.

  3. Did I just eat a bag of chips and a chocolate milk for lunch? My bad.

  4. Do you want to hear something crazy? I have never laid on eyes on the new apartment we are moving into. It's true. Not once.

    The Fiery One found it, checked it out, and put the damage deposit down all in one afternoon. The only part I played was saying Yes, take it. I trust your instincts.

    I have no outstanding concerns about this, but every other person I talk to thinks that this smacks of psychological instability on my part. I happen to like the up-in-the-airness about the whole thing. What's the bathroom like? I don't know! Will there be room in the kitchen for your portable dishwasher? We'll keep it in the study and use it as a magnetic bulletin board! If the new apartment is smaller, how will you keep the bird and the cat apart? Who cares! We hate the bird!

  5. We loved loved loved our other two finches, but this last one just doesn't inspire the love. I feed her, water her, clean her cage, and I even chatter with her when I iron my clothes in the morning, which makes her dance, but I secretly can't wait for her to drop dead off her perch. Oh, wait, that's not a secret anymore then, is it?

  6. Let's have a moment of silence in which to contemplate just how awful I truly am, because I am truly awful.

  7. These just came out in time for Canada Day on July 1st:
    Smarties, eh?
    When I was a kid, I was convinced that the red smarties tasted bitter and were poisonous. Giving the red ones away made me more popular, but I knew that it meant I would live a little longer than the other kids.

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