I have been at it again. For a while, I was doing quite well at staying away from the obsessiveness of weblog template design, but I dived in this last week and created not one but TWO templates for friends of mine. I let myself while away hour after hour, because hell, I had the whole week off to do whatever I wanted and the temperature outside was hovering around a dispiriting 0°C (32°F). Thursday and Friday were two solid days of me, the computer, hot cups of coffee, and that atrocious posture I have when I am fiddling around with HTML.

I swear that coding these weblog templates is my version of deep meditation. While my fingers clack along the plastic keys and I gaze unblinkingly at strings of characters displayed in light, I achieve that hard sought spiritual goal of no-mind. For long stretches of time, my body acts without me and my mind no longer rattles with the myriad petty thoughts that plague my days. When consciousness returns due to physical demands, I have no memory of sight, sound, smell, or other bodily sensations.

Yikes. That sounds scary. Like I turn into some kind of zombified tech nerd or an Intarweb hermit struck catatonic with the influx of information. Come to think of it, catatonia and achieving the state of no-mind probably are not too distant from each other. Maybe our culture has just been harshing on the mellow of catatonics with our DSM IV, not realizing the truly divine state that they have been so fortunate to inadvertently achieve.

Forgive me. I have somehow caught myself up in equating those who meditate for years to achieve no-mind with catatonics and likening myself to the both of them. That is a purely ridiculous thing to do, because I am obviously so far above their level. Not only can I achieve no-mind, but I can code weblog templates while I do it.

Although I blissfully and tranquilly created two templates over the last few days, I can only unveil one of them, because my other friend has not yet given me the go-ahead to install hers on her site.

Without any further ado, here is the first of the two, Friday's new pad (click on the picture and pay her a visit):

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