Read the interview with Robert Scheer, "Nothing Prepared Me for Bush". (He has reported on every American administration since Richard Nixon and is the author of Playing President: My Relationships with Nixon, Carter, Bush I, Reagan, and Clinton--And How They Did Not Prepare Me for George W. Bush).

You must watch zefrank's The Show. If I weren't already married, and if I wanted babies, and if there were any likelihood that we would ever meet, and if we even found each other attractive in person, and if neither of us proved to be infertile, zefrank and I would make crazy babies together. I also urge you to skip on over to his main page and catch a few of his short films and other projects, such as cause and therapy.

Listen to the complete "Living with War", Neil Young's latest album.

A Space of One's Own offeres a good listing of weblogs with a "slant toward feminist thought".

I dream about cool furniture at Apt, and I dream about cool jewellery at Blend Creations.

Read "No Stranger Can Understand This" by Aharon Appelfeld. (via wood s lot)

Read Donald Brook's "Why I Fucking Hate Weblogs".

The Polaroid Photography Collective has a great listing of photographers and their polaroids. You can even submit your own.

Check out the 30 SECONDS film project by Thilo Hoffmann, an artist and independent film maker.

Blogger Jobs just might be able to hook you with up paid work.

Mid-teens Sir Gerg and the Juvenile Dukes make good music. For real.

I haven't done this yet, but I'm thinking of giving it a try so that I don't have to pay for photo processing for some of the rolls of film I have sitting around the apartment. Apparently, you can process your film using everyday substances like coffee, vitamin C tablets, or washing soda. The results can be surprisingly good.