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The obviously fabulous Sumo, whomever Sumo is, being websiteless as far as I can tell, has nominated me for the Blogger's Choice Awards.

Wowzers. That's all I have. Hokey patoot.

So, look up near the top of this page where I have the put some very convenient voting links and GO VOTE FOR ME. What are you waiting for?

While you're doing that, I am going to go muster up some funny, the best writing of my life, and on top of all that, be the best that there is over all, because, you know, it could happen. No pressure.

Is blogging while drunk called drogging or blunking? Because right now drogging while blunk sounds pretty good. If I accidentally run over your masthead or come on all don quixote in your comments later, just tuck me into a blank text document and take away my mouse. I promise not to get violent or throw up on your blogroll.

The Chicken And The Egg