Skip ahead through the boring tech talk if it makes your ears bleed. Otherwise, read along.....

I have been indulging my nerdy little self lately. I gave myself permission to delve into it when I made the move over to Blogger from Diaryland, and I have been having a terribly good time obsessing over tedious bits of code and adding widgety bits to entertain myself.

  • If you look over at the top of the right-hand sidebar, there is a new little line of text that tells you how many people were looking at this site the moment that you arrived here. It is a completely unnecessary bit that tickles me. I got it from Easy Web Stats.

  • The other thing I just had to do was install two tag clouds that I set up through TagCloud.com. The links to them are positioned near the end of the list of links in the "Navigation" section of the right-hand sidebar. The first culls tags from this weblog, and the second culls tags from my Bloglines blogroll. If you are unfamiliar with tag clouds, they are basically keywords listed according to their prevalence within RSS feeds. The larger the font size and the darker the colour a particular word has, at least with my coding, the more prevalent it is. (I used different shades of colour for each level of prevalence, because I found that the different font sizes aren't registering on Firefox). Each of the words is a link to a list of articles that are associated with that keyword, so my weblog tag cloud links will take you to items I've written with those keywords, and my Bloglines tag cloud will take you to items that the people on my blogroll have written. I am using my tag cloud to clock topics that I focus on and what kind of language I tend to use. I have only written a couple of entries since adding it to the site, so it will take a little while for it's keywords to mean anything of any value.

  • Another new thing is that now, since my move, I have an atom site feed. This means that if you use an aggregator such as Bloglines, Blogrolling, or Kinja, you can now add my atom feed to your list and know when this place is updated. I use Bloglines, and I have found that I am far more likely to keep up with sites that have feeds, so it's nice to finally have one myself. You can use Blogarithm, which sends an e-mail list to you each morning with all the sites that have updated whether they have feeds or not, but if you want to know NOW, aggregators and feeds are the way to go.

  • And speaking of aggregators, I have installed my Bloglines blogroll in the sidebar as well. It is set up to show the most recently updated sites at the top of the list.

  • While I was being so obsessively fiddly with things around here, I also added text to my images. Roll over the typewriter and the flies to see what they say. Why would I bother, you ask? Because I can, she says.

    Image hosted by Photobucket.com

    "Technology" by Jeffrey McDaniels

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