81 + 4 = 85

There are now 85 members of the ever-so-excellent Collection of Spectacles blogroll. Four more people have generously chosen to show their eyewear to the internets, and they are (click on their thumbnail images to visit their websites):

Jane from Average Jane Jane from Average Jane,
Miss Nicola from What's That Smell? Miss Nicola from What's That Smell?,
Carrie from Ponder Ethereal Carrie from Ponder Ethereal,
Lauren and Lauren, who is linkless but still bespectacled.

Please feel free to join the Collection of Spectacles, because anyone can join. Anyone. That is, unless your website is racist or mysoginistic or otherwise evil, because then there's no blogroll for you! And, as long as you have something that even resembles glasses, you can enter the blogroll. You could slap a snake rolled into a figure eight onto your face, and I'd be adding you without a second thought. And, if you join the collection, there are even badges for your website so that you can show off your coolness, if you are so inclined.

Show 'em if ya got 'em!