I have not posted any new photographs to my Flickr account or here in a long while, but that does not mean that I haven't been taking pictures. I did not realize how many I was taking until I started finding rolls of film that I no longer remembered. I should qualify this with the fact that I take pictures with a Canon Rebel 2000 SLR and not a digital camera, so I am really only talking about a few 24-exposure rolls and not the hundreds of pictures you can save up with a digital camera and a computer. At any rate, since I discovered my camera strap, we have been travelling together quite a bit.

I much prefer black and white photography, because it is the stark contrasts between light and dark that really attract me, but I have been on a bit of a red kick lately. Hence, the following picnic table shot. It had just stopped raining in time for the evening sun to come out.

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The following is a detail of an iron railing. It reminds me of the pictures people took in the sixties and earlier seventies for anthologies of poetry. I am sure I am duplicating an image from my grade ten poetry textbook.

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This one was taken just after the sun dipped behind the trees across the street. I like how there is only one thin strip of focus about a third of the way down the photograph.

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And later, Amelia came by for a few minutes. She can't sit for long these days due to her need of a hip replacement, but I am glad for the bit of time I do get to see her. She is much less blurry and yellow in real life. (The Fiery One took this photograph).

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There will be more photographs posted here in the coming days. I thought I would limit myself to just a handful per entry to save you the headache of having this page load too slowly.

I am in this picture. Know that I need never see it again
to see: the incessant knot of the girl's navel is a fist,
an oily wad of sweet-sour girl flesh, a ball of tissue

- excerpt from "Photograph of People Dancing in France" by Leslie Adrienne Miller

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