Our New Household Cleaning Schedule Is Unstoppable

The Palinode and I are not complete slobs, but we are perpetually blind to our stacks of miscellany and cat hair dust bunnies. After 12-and-a-half years of rearranging piles together, I finally made up a cleaning timetable for us on Saturday night and stuck it to the fridge door. The Palinode's squares are red, and mine are blue:

weekly cleaning schedule

I created a weekly rotating system so that we trade jobs depending on whether it is Week 1 or Week 2. Conveniently, and quite without meaning to, I managed to make the schedule so that I had absolutely no household duties on the first two days from when I made the chart.

My brain knows how to create the appearance of change while keeping things pretty much the same. Smartie.

Of course, because the new cleaning schedule is not a habit yet, I forgot to clean the office and the bedroom on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Palinode, noticing my negligence, took me aside last night and said, "How about we hold off on starting this schedule until next week?" I agreed, because this sidestepped that whole failure thing that no one likes. And then we kissed and rearranged some piles together so we could eat supper.

This place will be cleaned on the regular in no time, I just know it.