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Five Star Friday's 272nd Edition Is Brought to You By Hunter S. Thompson

This week's Five Star Friday is brought to you by the positive side of menopause, the search for justice, the state of Japan shortly after World War II, and

Hunter S. Thompson



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For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled.
— Hunter S. Thompson

Happy Friday!

The following entry is a personal account of childhood sexual abuse.

Proceed at your own risk:


My Dad Is an Unregistered, Unprosecuted Sex Offender | Please Help

" by Charlotte at

Rebel Heart


One of the real fucked up things about being abused by a parent, is that they are still your parent. You still love them. You still want to protect them. You can even still admire them.
It's so twisted.


Don't Cry For Me Argentina

" by

Robin Dance




I have so many amazing younger women in my life, but few who are just ahead of me, who can hold my hand and make sure I understand what is going on with my body and what to expect, those who can make this big deal a small one.
This is your wake up call.


The Chocolate Connection

" by

Melanie Oda




His English is awful at best. But those phrases he had down pat. I asked him where he learned it, and he said he and his friends used to follow the American soldiers around, asking them for sweets.

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