Lookie! I Got a Present!

Mail — real mail, the kind that people write out by hand on paper and ship with government-approved stamps — doesn't happen much anymore, so I was thrilled to open my mailbox and see real mail addressed to me tucked in between glossy sheets of coupons and envelopes addressed to "Occupant".

Dawn Blanchfield sent me a postcard, and not just any postcard. She personally painted and sent me art:

postcard painted by and sent to me from Dawn Blanchfield

I love it. It makes me think about night in a strange city where there is maybe an explosion on the streets below of some kind and there are probably superheroes like Spiderman rushing in to sort matters out, because look at that sky, and also pianos and bones.

I never said I was an art critic. I just know what I like.

Thanks, Dawn!

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