Photo Album: This Week Was Apparently All About Onion All the Time

Remember how I was going to start a weekly photo album roundup of my miscellaneous pictures so I could honour all the little things in life that are what really make looking back through these entries worthwhile for me? Yeah, well, it turns out that the only little thing I bothered to shoot over this last week was Onion:


Look, everyone knows I have a thing for this particular cat. We have three cats, but the other two aren't all that photogenic. It turns out that you have to thoroughly de-lint black cats, set up diffused lighting, and become proficient at manipulating black space into identifiable shape without overdoing it, and cats just don't care to hold still while you set up a whole photo shoot.

Let's not fool ourselves, though. I'm just trying to justify how many pictures I take of Onion. The truth is that I play favourites, and Onion is my baby lover cuddle bums.

I refuse to be ashamed.

Onion napping in front of Beverly Hills 90210

You could say that the following photo is of the Palinode, but you would be wrong. He was just an Onion frame. I used him because he was unconscious.

Aidan and Onion

Onion makes sure I don't sleep in too late, he makes me take naps in the afternoon, he insists on cuddle time when he senses that I am feeling stress, and he has learned to read human facial expressions for cues, which means he does this adorable thing where he searches your face like you are in the middle of a romantic comedy's heavier turning point together where one of you is about to get on an airplane and neither of you knows if you are still together or not but you know in that moment that, yes, you are twin souls who grok each other's spirits and who will never truly part, no matter the time or distance life puts between you.

Here is Onion standing on the washer 18 inches away from me.

Onion needs a hobby

And here he is lording over nap time like it's his job.

Sleep, woman. Nap time is no joke.


As much as I love this cat, though, I think it's time for January to ease up both weather- and work-wise so I can devote my time to parts of the world beyond my apartment door. I hear there is food out there. And other cats.


Grace in Small Things No. 523