Grace in Small Things No. 523

I began practicing gratitude when I founded

the Grace in Small Things community

back in 2008, first as a daily practice for one year, and then weekly (most weeks) since then. That makes this the 523rd GiST entry I have written and the first one since

Grace in Small Things was reinvigorated

over the last couple of weeks. Onward!

Oskar has a box
  1. Oskar, the cat pictured above, is a very good anxiety thermometer in our house. If there is anxiety here, he feels it, and it is often his reaction to the stress that makes me realize I should relax.
  2. Toasted blueberry bagels with heaps of peanut butter are delicious, especially when paired with bananas for sandwiches.
  3. I am cutting my hair today, and it never fails to feel like a fresh start.
  4. I am creating a presentation for my upcoming talk at MBlog 2014 called "The Anatomy of Great Content", and I am having fun digging into what makes great content and revisiting my thoughts about it.
  5. The sun is higher in the sky now, and it makes this long wait for spring feel more livable.

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