Photo Album: Sharpies, the Symphony, Kitty Ears, Cereal, a Selfie, Happy Milk, and Poutine A-plenty

I've decided to do occasional photographic roundup entries. I shoot inconsequential life stuff all week long, and, while the photos are usually awful, when I look back I can see that they are about all the small things that make up my life. It turns out that the photos I am most likely to throw into my Flickr account and forget are exactly the stuff I most like to look back on, because while I will remember the larger, more dramatic events, I forget the little pieces that make up the flavour of another time. I want to stop forgetting all these pieces, so here are a few of them to start.

I was eyeing a 12-pack of Sharpies for weeks at a local drugstore, and I finally gave in. How could I not? Secretly, although now not so secretly, I am going to start creating art offline this year, and I figured Sharpie markers would be a cheap, non-intimidating doorway into the process.

Sharpie markers FTW

My friend Sabrina and I went to see "The Merry Widow" with the Regina Symphony Orchestra. I dislike musical theatre 90% of the time, but I didn't hate this. In fact, I actually liked it. Although, my impression of the evening might be coloured by watching a drunk man hit on Sabrina afterwards. He delivered lines clumped together in drunken paragraphs, subtlety be damned. That was entertainment.

The Merry Widow and the Regina Symphony Orchestra

Onion and Oskar are both snugglers in the morning, and I never tire of squinting through Onion's ears at the morning light. All alarm clocks should be furry.


I was having a rough day yesterday, so I bought one of those over-priced mixed packs of single-serving cereal boxes so I could comfort nosh on a half-and-half mix of Corn Pops and Froot Loops. Sugar highs can occasionally fix electrical brain shorts.

Corn Pops and Froot Loops

Dramatic selfie, anyone?


Also, I have some absurdly happy milk in my kitchen right now.

happy milk

In Regina, we have this place called The Coney Island Cafe, and they serve many kinds of poutine there. I ate the perogie poutine and was absolved of all bad feelings. Perogie poutine is the priest of poutines.

Coney Island Cafe poutine menu

Aaaaand done! Photo album blog entries are my new jam.

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