Believe It or Not, It's Time to Say Hello Again to Grace In Small Things

Grace in Small ThingsRemember how we said goodbye to Grace in Small Things a week ago? Well, it turns out that I was entirely too premature in calling its time of death, and I have since learned a lesson about asking for help and the power of a great community.

It felt sad to close down the Grace in Small Things community after more than five years, but it seemed like it was time at the time. In truth, I was feeling overwhelmed, and, rather than reach out for help within the community, I played the lone wolf and chose to end it. I have a terrible habit of trying to do everything alone, and it honestly never occurred to me to ask for support. Thanks to a strong member who had the good sense to reach out to me, the GiST community is going to stay open.

Sue Camarados and I have been talking behind the scenes, and we have decided to work together to revive Grace in Small Things after its untimely demise, and I am so grateful that she started our conversation. GiST is what lies behind the first powerful steps I took to move forward with my life out of a time of depression and uncertainty in late 2008, and it has become a force in changing the lives of others, too, over the years. I received so many beautiful notes from people over the last week telling me how GiST has touched them, and I had to conclude that Sue was right. Grace in Small Things needs to continue.

Please accept my apologies for this dramatic goodbye and hello situation. As much as I value community, I forget to reach out when I need to sometimes. I've learned my lesson, though, at least when it comes to GiST.

Grace in Small Things

In honour of our renewal, I have cleaned up the site template a bit, our plan is paid up in full for the next year, and we are now over 1800 strong. I'm done playing the lone wolf. We aren't going anywhere.

Thank you, Sue Camarados, for making this happen, and thanks to all of you who wrote to me about your experiences with GiST over the years. I feel like the Grinch whose heart grew three sizes this week. I hope that all of you who are members stay and keep the heart of this place going for yourselves and for all of us.

Long live Grace in Small Things and the incredible gratitude we continue to cultivate!